What if you are confronted with deadlines, highest security demands, complex mechanical and/or functional requirements, a need for data monitoring and analysis but do not have enough resources available to comply with the demands of your client?
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This support focuses on speeding up the process of creating (proof of concept) IoT-devices, assistance with testing and application programming.

Business IoT-support

This service helps you with describing the business case. I.e. what value is created with your LoRaWAN® project. Questions are answered like what are expected savings, extra revenue, what is the value of extra data, is there a competitive advantage, what is ROI etc.


Onethinx BV is only company that is able to implement Platform Security Architecture of ARM in your LoRaWAN® device. Regulations are becoming more and more strict and often PSA is required in tenders.


We can offer IoT-support service in setting up an IoT-platform for you and/or your customer. We have extended experience with creating easy-to-use custom made dashboards in order to interact with the IoT-system.

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