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We help you to develop successful and profitable LoRaWAN® IoT solutions based on our Onethinx LoRaWAN® module. Therefore we offer the most comprehensive support to build any LoRaWAN® application within an ultra-short time-to-market.

Together creating things that matter

Our 5 promises:

1. We share our software with you.

Open source: Onethinx shares his knowledge with you by giving you free access to software of use cases. Select the use case that resembles your project, download the free software, implement the software in your design and you are ready to go.

2. Dedicated personal support.

Every customer has a dedicated support manager. They are gladly willing to be of service with technical questions, programming, creation of proof-of-concept or prototype, RF-tuning, pcb-design, etc.

3. We share designs of our use cases with you.

Open design: the use cases we developed are open for everyone. Get free designs for several use cases. If you like the design, you can enter the market with it in no time.

4. Your solutions will meet highest level of security.

You can rely on that the solutions we developed with you meet the highest demands concerning security. Onethinx module is only module that is PSACERTIFIED™ Unique and unrivalled.

5. We help you to build up a LoRaWAN community.

On our forum you can post your projects, ask for assistance from other members, ask questions, read latest developments, react on other posts etc.

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